Insurance for Individuals

Looking for a supplemental health insurance plan? If so, you’ve recognized the important need for protection and have taken the first step toward protecting yourself and your family. Research United American’s available insurance products to determine what best fits your needs and budget.

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement plans are regulated by the State Department of Insurance and offered by private insurance companies. These plans are separate from Medicare Part A and Part B. Medicare Part A is required coverage and Part B is optional. Learn more about Medicare Supplement.

Plan 1

Supplemental Health Insurance

Hospital indemnity insurance provides limited benefits while you’re in the hospital. The benefits offered and amounts of the benefits vary by plan and provider.

Plan 3

Cancer and Critical Illness Insurance

Do you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer or a critical illness? Being diagnosed can mean large hospital bills.  UA has cancer and critical illness protection designed to help pay toward your expenses. Visit our Cancer/Critical Illness page to learn more.

Plan 2

Life Insurance

Since birth, you’ve had a need for life insurance. With funeral costs on the rise, it can be hard for your loved ones to pay for all your final expenses. United American provides term life insurance to help cover these costs. Visit our Life Insurance page to learn more.

Plan 4


What is an annuity? How do I choose an annuity? United American offers two annuities designed to help meet your financial needs after you retire. Visit our Annuities page to learn more.