Customized Group Retiree Health Plans

Innovative Benefits to Supplement Medicare

Our goal is to design a custom healthcare plan to supplement Medicare that you want – "this is what we do."

We offer plans with deductibles, coinsurance, doctor office visit and ER visit copay riders in addition to the standardized benefits of a Medicare Supplement, which will lower monthly premiums. This allows employers to share costs with retirees and reduce the overall expense of providing healthcare coverage. Our plans accurately coordinate with the benefits of Medicare and are automatically revised according to annual Medicare changes.

Save Money While Offering Great Benefits

United American offers competitive rates for groups with retirees of 25 or more. We offer competitive first year and renewal premium rates to help you manage your retiree health plan costs. Our average renewal increases for the past 10 years has been 3% to 5%. Our administrative costs are low which allows us to keep our rates low. New business proposals are delivered in five days or less. Contact us to get a rate quote for your group.

We Do All the Work

Administering benefits takes time away from you and costs you more money. We are here to reduce this burden. We handle any questions your retirees have regarding their Group Retiree Health insurance.

Reduce ASC 715-60 (formerly known as FASB 106) and GASB 45 Liabilities by Going Fully Insured

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the Government Accounting Standards (GASB) require employers/government entities to project future healthcare costs for their retirees when they self-insure their post-retirement benefits. We offer fully insured group retiree health insurance that helps organizations control and manage future retiree benefit costs and eliminate the requirement for employers to project and record liabilities for post-retirement health care benefits.

Policy Forms GRMSP06 and ERHPC. Policies are underwritten by United American Insurance Company in states where applicable Group Retiree Health products are available. These policies have some limitations and exclusions and benefits may vary by state.

United American Insurance Company is not associated with Medicare, Social Security or any other governmental agency.