Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a government program that reimburses hospitals and physicians for medical care provided to qualifying people, usually over the age of 65. For more information, please visit

What is Group Retiree Health?

Our Group Retiree Health Plans provide customized coverage to supplement what Medicare does not cover. United American's Group Retiree Health Plans can also include standardized Medicare Supplement plans.

Our Group Retiree Health Plans consist of customizable options, such as deductibles, co-pay and co-insurance riders. Let us know what you need so we can tailor a plan for your employer or union group. Learn more.

For more information on standardized Medicare Supplement plans, please visit

Why choose United American for Group Retiree Health?

United American has been committed since 1966 to providing supplemental coverage to cover what Medicare does not. We are dedicated to serving groups of all sizes. Learn more.

What is the advantage to customizing Group Retiree Health Plans?

Many groups have needs for benefits that are not covered or suited under standard Medicare Supplement Plans. Depending on the benefits structure needed by a group and the size of the group, we can usually match the coverage offered by an employer or union to their active employees. Let us know what you need so we can find a plan that fits your needs. Learn more

Where are your plans available?

Our Group Retiree Health Plans are available in all 50 states including D.C.

What industries do you serve?

No industry is excluded from consideration. Learn more.

What is your typical group size?

Our groups range in size of members from 25 up to 15,000+. All members must be Medicare eligible and enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.

What do you need to generate a quote for proposal?

All that is needed to produce a group quote is the desired plan design, the domicile state of the group, the amount of employer/union contribution, and a census in spreadsheet format including member date of birth, gender and ZIP code.

Do you need a signed application from every member of the group that is enrolled in your plan?

No, we can enroll all members in a simple, easy format. Let us explain how this process can best work for your group. Learn more.