United American Insurance Company History

The Early Years

United American had one employee when it began in 1947 — C.L. Dunlap, Founder and President. During the first year of operation, two more people came on board — W.H. Coleman Jr., a CPA, and Kay Holt, their secretary. A little later, they were joined by J.A. Graham, then R.B. Donovan in 1951. This team of leaders charted a course of step-by-step development and expansion.

During those first few years, the Company relocated to several office buildings to accommodate growth. In 1955, United American moved into The Insurance Center, located in downtown Dallas. The News Flash, UA’s magazine in 1954, reported “The Insurance Center would be air conditioned.” With summer temperatures in Dallas often above 100 degrees, air conditioning was good news.

United American initially occupied space on the second floor of The Insurance Center and leased the rest to other insurance tenants. However, as the Company grew, it expanded into the previously leased space until there was nowhere else to go, except to a larger facility.

On The Move Again

In 1976, the Company began searching for a new Home Office to accommodate its 400 employees. Within a year, staff started transitioning into the East Park Building in Dallas.

In 1996 with 500 employees, it was time to move again. Now a Globe Life Company, United American realized space for future growth was essential, so the Company moved 30 miles north of Dallas to McKinney.

Globe Life announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters from Birmingham, Alabama, to McKinney in 2006. Globe Life’s new 150,000-square-foot building was built on 18 acres adjacent to United American’s 140,000-square-foot Home Office. Construction was completed December 2007.

Looking Ahead

We’ve come a long way since our humble beginning of just one employee back in 1947. Growth is good and a sign to you and our customers that we’ll be here when you need us.