Medicare Supplements

United American has been a prominent Medicare Supplement insurance provider since Medicare began in 1966. Additionally, we’ve been a long-standing participant in the task forces working on Medicare Supplement insurance policy recommendations for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Insurance Products

When you become a United American policyholder, you gain freedom of choice. Our products allow you to keep your choice of trusted doctors and hospitals. 

Group Insurance

United American Insurance Company has been a market leader in providing insurance to employer and union group sponsors for 25 years.


United American has been underwriting life and health insurance since 1947. Thousands of independent agents/agencies have found success selling our life, health, and Medicare Supplement policies.


One of the many things United American is well-known for is our superior customer service. When it comes to your health, we believe education, service, and support are vital. With our experience and stability, we’re the Company that does what it says it will do.

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Because of our 50+ years of experience in providing life, supplemental health and Medicare Supplement insurance, United American offers superior customer service to both our agents and customers.  Never stress about your claim status with our online claim tracker. Need more help? Let one of our licensed agents assist you.


At United American, we only provide knowledgeable and licensed agents to service you. Say goodbye to wasted hours spent on hold and bid good riddance to talking to artificial intelligence. Hear a live voice or get one-on-one time with one of our licensed agents today.

Industry Leader

United American has been a leading writer of individual Medicare Supplement insurance since Medicare was enacted in 1966. Beginning in the 1990s, United American developed an innovative portfolio of group product solutions known as Group Retiree Health plans.

Group Retiree Health plans supplement Medicare’s coverage, but are offered to retired employees/members and spouses of qualifying employer and union group sponsors. The result has been hundreds of unique plan designs and hundreds of retiree groups, many of which have been United American clients for 20+ years.

Group Retiree Health Plans

United American’s Group Retiree Health plan approach is an attractive alternative supplemental health insurance option for employer and union groups with post-retirement medical liabilities. We offer competitive solutions to provide retiree healthcare coverage with benefits to supplement Medicare that when combined provide benefits very similar to active employee plans.

Our group retiree health plans help employer and union groups manage future liabilities and enhance comprehensive benefits to Medicare-eligible retirees. Our group retiree health plans are customizable and allow employers and unions to provide exceptional healthcare coverage.

Our goal is to design a custom insurance plan for your group’s retirees to help supplement the benefits of Medicare. We have plans with deductibles, coinsurance, doctor office visit and ER visit copay riders, in addition to the standardized benefits of a Medicare Supplement insurance policy, which can help lower monthly premiums. Our plans accurately coordinate with the benefits of Medicare and are automatically revised according to annual Medicare changes.

In addition to the items outlined above, here are some other benefits of United American’s Group Retiree Health Plans:

  • Group benefits with individual service
  • Experienced, reliable insurer
  • Flexible, custom-built benefit programs
  • Competitive first year and renewal rates
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • Freedom to choose providers that accept Medicare
  • Excellent service and customer satisfaction

Innovative Benefits

Plans can be customized to reduce, manage, or share costs. United American can add benefit options to plans, such as:

  • Part A & B Deductibles
  • Coinsurance
  • Out-of-Pocket Maximums
  • Doctor Office Visit and ER Visit Co-Payments
  • Part A & B Cost-Sharing

United American does not exclude any industry from consideration. Currently, United American underwrites employer and union groups in the following industries: municipalities, manufacturing, energy, utility, financial institutions, insurers, hospitals, religious groups, service organizations, and many more.

Eligible enrollees – retirees, spouses & surviving spouses who are age 65 and older, enrolled in Medicare Part A & B are eligible for United American’s Group Retiree Health Plans. Coverage for pre-65 disabled persons who are Medicare eligible can also be added to a quote for a Group Retiree Health Plan.

How to Get a Quote

Once a qualified group is determined, typically all that is needed to deliver a quote is the group domicile state, a census with date of birth and zip code of participating members, and the employer/union contribution percentage towards the premium. Quotes are generated in five days or less and United American will deliver a professional proposal document specifically for your group. Our dedicated team of professionals will provide you with the flexibility and expertise you need for your group retiree health solutions.

We Do All the Work

Administering benefits takes time away from you and costs you more money, so let United American reduce this burden. We can offer extensive administrative services, or we can work with you to divide the duties.

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