Looking for the Perfect Opportunity?

If you are in sales, you can probably sell anything – widgets, vacuums, clothing, or cars. Sure, conveniences such as these are useful to the general public, but what kind of personal satisfaction and wealth do you actually receive? The answer is probably slim to none.

United American offers a unique opportunity to those who want to meet our challenge.

Consider the list below of qualities to consider when searching for that "perfect opportunity." United American offers each and every one of these!

> Integrity in practice
> Personal satisfaction (customer truly benefits)
> Product variety
> Outstanding advance commissions
> Direct to consumer "in home" product
> Production rewards
> Future potential of market success
> "Unlimited income" is a reality, not a myth
> Residual income growth opportunity
> Limited travel
> Immediate high income potential
> Company offers name recognition
> Proven marketing programs
> Quality lead programs available
> Sales Conferences to exotic locations
> Flexibility (own work hours)
> Independent contracts
> Quality websites for up-to-date information

The only degree needed is the degree of desire to succeed.

Join our General Agency Division,which is composed of independent contractors who have made the choice to sell our products.

If you have the desire to succeed, United American will back you up 100%.

The Choice is Yours!