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United American has been a prominent Medicare Supplement insurance provider since Medicare began in 1966. Additionally, we’ve been a long-standing participant in the task forces working on Medicare Supplement insurance policy recommendations for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

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When you become a United American policyholder, you gain freedom of choice. Our products allow you to keep your choice of trusted doctors and hospitals. 

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United American Insurance Company has been a market leader in providing insurance to employer and union group sponsors for 25 years.


United American has been underwriting life and health insurance since 1947. Thousands of independent agents/agencies have found success selling our life, health, and Medicare Supplement policies.


One of the many things United American is well-known for is our superior customer service. When it comes to your health, we believe education, service, and support are vital. With our experience and stability, we’re the Company that does what it says it will do.

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Because of our 50+ years of experience in providing life, supplemental health and Medicare Supplement insurance, United American offers superior customer service to both our agents and customers.  Never stress about your claim status with our online claim tracker. Need more help? Let one of our licensed agents assist you.


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Can a Life Insurance Policy be Used as Collateral?

Can a Life Insurance Policy be Used as Collateral?

Are you applying for a loan? Wondering what you can use as collateral?

If you have a life insurance policy, you’re in luck, because most businesses typically accept life insurance as collateral as they can guarantee funds if the borrower dies or defaults. Essentially, a collateral assignment of life insurance means a lender is set as the primary beneficiary of a death benefit to use as collateral for a loan.

In fact, according to Life Ant, “a large percentage of lenders will require borrowers to use a life insurance policy as collateral for the loan” (these loans are usually a small business loan or a Small Business Administration loan).1 Life Ant goes on to say that as long as the insurance company allows collateral assignment for a policy, “all types of life insurance policies can be acceptable”1 for assignment. A term life insurance policy, according to Life Ant, is used when lenders require the loan for a time period that coincides with the term of the loan; and a permanent life insurance policy with cash value allows lenders “access to the amount as repayment of the loan if the borrower were to default.”1

To put it simply, a term life policy can ensure a lender will be paid back if the borrower dies before paying back the loan. A whole life policy can pay back a lender if the borrower dies or defaults (because of its cash value). Of course, the lender no longer will have access to the death benefit of a life insurance policy once the loan is paid off.

If you want to know how to use your life insurance policy as collateral for a loan, contact the bank from which you’re borrowing and your life insurance company for more information. They will provide you with all the info you need to get your loan secured (if you’re approved) with your life insurance policy as your collateral.

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