Group Retiree Health

  • Group benefits with individual service
  • Experienced, reliable insurer
  • Flexible, custom-built benefit programs
  • Competitive first year and renewal year rates
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • Freedom to choose providers
  • Excellent service and customer satisfaction

These advantages are why United American is a proven market leader in providing group health coverage to supplement Medicare for retirees of employers and union organizations.

A common challenge faced by employers and unions today is how to provide cost effective healthcare coverage to their retired employees and spouses. The administrative burden and significant expense of leaving retirees and spouses on an active employee plan is becoming too costly and has employers and unions looking for alternative options.

United American offers competitive solutions to provide retiree healthcare coverage with benefits very similar to active employee plans. Our Group Retiree Health Plan approach is an attractive alternative health insurance option for employer and union groups with post-retirement medical liabilities. Our group program helps manage future liabilities and enhance comprehensive benefits to Medicare-eligible retirees. Our group plans are customizable, supplemental to Medicare and allow employers and unions to provide exceptional healthcare coverage.

Our dedicated team of professionals will provide you with the flexibility and expertise you need for your group retiree health solutions.

* Policy Forms GRMSP06 and ERHPC. Policies are underwritten by United American Insurance Company in states where applicable Group Retiree Health products are available. These policies have some limitations and exclusions and benefits may vary by state.

United American Insurance Company is not associated with Medicare, Social Security or any other governmental agency.