Cancer Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance

Supplemental cancer insurance and supplemental critical illness insurance provide benefits in addition to any existing major medical coverage you may have. A critical illness can be anything from a heart attack to an organ transplant or a loss of sight or hearing.



Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance policies can help provide some financial protection in the event of a heart attack, stroke, end stage renal failure, etc. Illnesses/conditions covered vary by insurance carrier. 



Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance policies can help offset some of the costs associated with a cancer diagnosis. Some policies pay a lump-sum benefit; others pay specific benefit amounts for various expenses.



What Does United American Offer?

United American offers cancer insurance and critical illness insurance. United American offers a supplemental Cash Benefit Cancer Plan (CANLS2) and HealthGuard (CILS) critical illness insurance that upon written satisfactory proof of first diagnosis of cancer or critical illness, will pay from $10,000 up to $50,000 cash to be used as you choose. You can use the money to assist with medical costs, experimental procedures, travel expenses, income while you are not working – you decide.


The Cash Cancer Plan and HealthGuard critical illness insurance have policy coverage options for individuals, single parents or families. The policies pay in addition to any other coverage.


Here are a few common features:


  • Guaranteed renewable
  • Portable – policy stays in force even if you move or change jobs
  • Family and Individual plans available
  • Policy can’t be canceled as long as premiums are paid on time


To learn which illnesses/conditions are covered by United American Insurance policies, contact our Home Office so we can put you in touch with a local Agent.